5 Ways to Boost Your Brand Authority

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

When your customers are researching who to hire or purchase from, they want to know that you offer solid quality. They want to know that YOU know what you’re doing or that you sell top-notch products.

To improve awareness of the value you provide, you can try these 5 things. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more inquiries come through from these efforts alone.

1. Maintain a thoughtful blog

This is easier said than done because it sure does require a time commitment. However, it’s one of the most powerful ways to not only drive organic traffic to your website, but also communicate your knowledge and expertise to potential customers. See my previous post on 5 writing prompts for business blogs if you’re having trouble getting started with ideas.

2. Show up in different places.

I’m sure you know that people tend to buy from those they know, like and trust. But did you know that in order for someone who doesn’t know you to FEEL like they know you, you need to show up in FOUR DIFFERENT PLACES? So use that blog we talked about to improve customer knowledge on the topics they’re interested in, but also share thought-leadership in other media by guest-posting on other blogs your audience reads, podcasts they listen to, magazines they peruse, etc. While I’m not a huge advocate of social media marketing, regular posts on your social profiles do make for another easy place to show up in your prospects’ lives.

3. Offer free samples when possible.

If you’re truly an expert in your field or genuinely sell top-notch products, find opportunities to share samples with your target customers. Few things are more convincing to a potential consumer than seeing what they’ll receive if they do business with you. If you aren't a product-based business, pieces like e-books, checklists, or design portfolios work well.

4. Go behind the scenes.

Don’t be afraid to share some of the HOW behind your product or service. A lot of the advice out there encourages businesses to “give away the why and charge for the how.” I don’t particularly agree with that. Especially if your goal is to build authority. People want to know that you know how to do something well before they make a purchase from you. The fear of giving away the “why” is that your potential customers will decide to just DIY the solution they’re looking for. But even if you display a video of your process for making candles, designing a brochure, or whatever it is you do, your customers won’t suddenly become experts in your field. They’ll just develop a greater comfort with your ability to deliver the results they’re looking for.

5. Train them for free.

To take the former suggestion a step further, you can even post how-to videos or articles that DO encourage people to attempt a DIY effort. In many cases, when they have a successful result, it will be a jumping off point to purchase from you down the road. Let’s take the brochure example. Perhaps you offer marketing solutions (hey, I know someone who does that!) and you demonstrate how to use free, easy software for a creating a professional brochure. Providing genuine help to a potential customer and allowing them to quickly implement a solution to their immediate need only endears them to you. In essence, this strategy allows your potential customer to see your expertise AND get a sample of your work. It also shows that you can and will get them the result they’re after. Now when they have a larger problem they need solved, and little time or expertise to tackle it, they’ll think of you- the expert who helped them solve that related problem that one time!