5 Simple Writing Prompts for Your Business Blog

Writer’s block is a prevalent problem for those who are required to continually produce

content, particularly if it isn’t your primary responsibility. When you see the value in content marketing, particularly how blogging can position your business as a thought-leader in your industry, but you aren’t sure what you should be writing about, the following prompts can help you get started.

1. Ways You Serve Clients and What They Ask About

This should be pretty straightforward. Essentially, you will answer in long-form, the most frequently asked questions you receive. If you’re a real estate agent, people contact you to help them buy and sell homes. You may focus more on selling homes, so start breaking that down by the types of questions your clients ask during the selling process.

· What goes into setting an effective sale price?

· How do I stage my home in the most appealing way?

· How effective are open houses?

· What should I do if my house sells before I’ve purchased a new one?

· and so on…

Each topic you think of should become its own blog post.

2. Why do your repeat customers return?

When you think about your repeat customers, there will tend to be a reason they find value in working with you or purchasing from you. Let’s say you are a custom tailor. Is it your attention to detail that your repeat customers praise? Is it a portfolio of designs you have that make it easy for them to communicate what they’re looking for? The quick turnaround times? The sustainable fabrics you use? Whatever it is, write about it! For example: The Importance of Sustainability in Garment Making.

3. Answer the popular search terms

Type “how to…[your profession]” into the search bar on and see what questions people are asking. Knowing what people are asking about with regards to your profession and subsequently answering those questions will help your website rank higher in search results, and will lead more prospects to continue exploring your brand. For example, if you are a dermatologist, you could type “how to skin care” in the search bar and see what fills in the blank. I typed “how to skin care” into Quora and found that people were asking things like “what are the best skincare products?” “How safe are skincare products?” “At what age should you start using skincare products?” These are all excellent fodder for a dermatologist’s blog. For an accountant, “how to pay taxes on…?” can lead to an article about 5 things you’ll need to remember to pay taxes on if you own a business or 3 sources of income you won’t need to pay taxes on.


Start answering questions in Quora to build brand authority and drive potential customers to your site.

4. Case study or summary of a past client interaction

While writing about your area of expertise in your own voice with your own perspective is valuable in and of itself, writing about a situation no one else has experienced generates truly unique content. Think about a recent client you helped. What was their problem and what solutions did you provide? How did the solutions you implemented generate success? This is all top-notch content to write about in your business blog. Just be careful not to disclose any specific information about the business without express permission.

5. Interviews

Another great way to generate truly unique content is to interview someone who would be a potential consumer of your products or services. You can ask past clients or you can simply post a question on social media asking someone if they’d be willing to have a brief conversation with you. One interview could potentially turn into several blog posts depending on the flow of your discussion. Here’s an example of how to get started. Let’s say you own a yoga studio. You can post something like this on one of your social media accounts: “Hi friends! I’m trying to gain some insights about peoples’ exercise habits and preferences. Anyone up for a quick 15-minute chat to help me with my research?” Starting the discussion with a high-level question like, “what is your current exercise regimen?” will hopefully lead to more in-depth questions around why the person exercises at the times they do, what types of exercise they engage in and why, what motivates them to continue, where they like to exercise, and so on. Every one of those little tangents can generate separate blog posts.

If you use these 5 prompts repeatedly, you’ll generate a continuous stream of ideas for your blog. The key is to then execute. Personally, I keep an ongoing list of blog ideas on my checklist app on my phone so whenever an idea strikes, I can jot it down. I also have tons of mainly empty word docs in a folder on my computer saved with blog titles and a few high-level bullets to jog my memory when I have time to write.

Happy blogging!