The Danger of Becoming Bored in Your Business

We all start our businesses with passion; full of energy, hope, and ideas. Over time, that excitement can wane as we realize that there's a lot more involved in running a successful business than the core service we provide. Perhaps we deliver on the same type of client need for so many years that we seek innovation and change. That's a great thing, right? It can be. But there's a danger in that as well.

The danger is that you might start changing the winning recipe for success. If your business has been thriving on that recipe, then PLEASE...don't change it. Keep the ingredients the same and start thinking about side dishes that will compliment the main dish, or different ways to serve your main dish.

Consider UBER- they’ve innovated by offering meal delivery service through UberEATS, but leverage the same back-end technology their original app uses, as well as their large network of drivers. Plus, they didn’t scrap the original concept that works so well. They just added to it, continuing to provide the value that their existing customers had come to expect from a taxi service- easy to request, quick to receive, simple to pay.

If you’re a personal trainer at a gym who has a value proposition around helping people get fit with only short time commitments per day (say, 20 minute workouts 5 times per week) and you’ve built a successful following around that, don’t stop doing what you’re doing! Instead, see how you can provide that same value in different ways. Perhaps you can teach your workouts via home visits, virtual classes or an app. You can think about offering ad-ons like meal planning.

But think about your ideal client and why your core offering speaks to them so much.

It’s likely that they value the time savings of 20 minute workouts, the accountability of having you coach them, and the “done for them” workout routines that they don’t have to research or develop themselves. But find that out. Don’t just assume.Talk to your loyal clients and find out what they value about your offerings.

If it is in fact the factors I mentioned as examples, consider other ways you can help them with their health and fitness through small time commitments, and without the need to plan or research on their part. Maybe it’s a PDF of what meal delivery service and specific recipes to select for various fitness goals. If you can get them a discount, even better! The idea is that you don’t scrap your 20 min x 5 day workout program in favor of a 1 hour x 3 day program, or scrap the personal training altogether in favor of becoming a dietician.

Adding a new service to your original offering is great, but remember to base the concept on what your customers want- in the case of the personal trainer- easy to fit in to their lives, easy to implement, and gets them results.